Jubilantly Royalist

Posted by on 14, Jun 2012 in 2012 - The Last Dictator Tour (Belarus & Russia), UK

Jubilantly Royalist

It’s such fun being a royalist, you get to stand in the rain for 3 hours to catch a fleeting glimpse of an oap in a funny hat desperately trying to catch pneumonia on the prow of an open boat sailing headlong into the first monsoon in history to come direct from the North Pole! And of course the irony is we had a fantastic time, whilst all the republicans either left the country or spent 4 days whining about the waste of money whilst secretly recording the concert on their sky boxes! But that’s the thing about being a royalist – it’s great fun. If we’re not getting a party or some amazing pomp and circumstance we’re being entertained by letting a slightly mad and possibly racist prince meet lots of foreigners knowing full well it will end in some slip of the tongue that will fill the tabloids for days ,much to the disgust of the ‘quality’ papers who will nonetheless fill their papers for days reporting how awful the tabloids are to spend so much time reporting all this! But the thing that really struck me about the weekend was the incredibly friendly party atmosphere, the smiles on everyone’s faces and the general feeling of goodwill that seemed to flow from old to young, Brit to non brit and even through the Police, who for once weren’t decked out in riot gear and batons. It was simply an event that happens once in a lifetime and we will always be able to look back and say we were there!

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