Countries is Conflict – Our Book!

Updated Nov 2019

We’ve often been told we should right a book and 10 years ago we decided to follow that advice and began writing Countries in Conflict.

Theres lots of tavel books about people’s adventures but our perspective does appear unique. Our bokm follows our journey in Taffy through Northern Africa and the Middle East as well Russia and the Cuacuses where the title of the book comes from. Azerbaijan and Armenia are technically still at war so visiting both on the same passport is impossible.

The UK govt will only issue 2 passports under special circumstances (one of those being that you are visiting Countries in Conflict) and we were kindly allowed two passports for this trip.

After we got the bug for weird countries we decided to add more, but not in our Motorhome but on Tilly the Tandem. We felt this provided an interesting contrast to the luxury and security provided by travelling in ten tonne Taffy.

Unfortunately the Arabic revolutions have repeatedly, but temporarily, halted our research and trips due to the safety issues of being in some of the areas in those countries. The FCO publish maps of countries with the lands colour coded into Green, Orange and Red with green being rhe safe colour and orange being an advisory against all but essential travel and you can guess red!

Our next trip was planned to be Egypt down through Sudan and onwards to South Africa. But each year we have looked into it we have felt the dangers of a trip (too many orange areas) outweighed the pleasure and fun in making it so we’ve put the plans on hold.

Times change though and the travel advice does too and we now have a route planned through Israel, Egypt Sudan and onward to Ethiopia that follows the green path. With the exception of Ethiopia the other countries are now coloured swathes of green so we feel more optimistic about setting off. We’ve postponed this trip for many winters now as we’ve not felt the conditons are consistent enough for safe travel. Much as we love being on the Tandem we don’t want to end up on the BBC as a another terrorist statistic and in any case our travel insurance doesn’t cover you if you go to Orange bits!

So full stream ahead and it looks like the winter of 2020/2021 should be our start date for the next chapter in our Countries in Conflict tales assuming that the map colours don’t change.

One of the only remaining obstacles baving an Israeli stamp in your passport. When travelling to some Islamic counties and naturally enough Sudan is one of these they look for any evidence of visits to Israel. As we will be staring there we will have an Israeli stamp on our passport so we will have to have our second passport with us for this trip.

The only draw back is that we’ve had to postpone the trip so many times are second passport has expired and we will have to renew it before travel, so we will have to apply again under the Countries in Conflict rules and hope the Passport office are as understanding and helpful as they were last time.

Hopefully then we can put the whole thing together and the next chapters in the book can be finished and who knows, we may even feel there’s enough in it tk publish without going to more weird and wonderful places.

In the meantime you can follow our normal travels on Tilly here on this website as we keep our fitness up as we move into our 60’s and this year complete our cycle around the world distance!

Jon and Linda