A Twittering Drug dog…

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A Twittering Drug dog…

‎We were planning on only spending a couple of days in Palamos, but having met a dog with a drug habit and twitter account we found ourselves staying longer. Ozwena – a rather independently minded beagle – had got friendly with the local dealer and one night decided when his owners were having a swift pint, would leg it to see if he could get his paws on something a little more interesting than PAL to eat.

He was gone for the night and was returned the next day by the local dealer – who apparently looked high as a kite – having had a marvelous time gorging himself on treats and a dogs own brand cannabis variety called “Wacky Barky”. Apparently somewhat bloated and worn out he spent the next 24 hours coming down (or recovering as his owners Emma and Paul put it!)

I’m not the world’s biggest dog fan but you’ve got to tip you hat to Ozzie. He takes the meaning of drug dog to a whole new level.

Anyway, Paul and Emma were a lovely couple who we spent a few evenings with ‎and we’re blaming them (and Ozzie) for us leaving Palamos behind schedule – we just were having too much fun to move on. And obviously cycling heaps too, though we’re obviously getting old as our planned 90km cycle up the coast had to be abandoned due to us being, well, too old and unfit. Although having spent the night with Ozzie, we’re not ruling out the possibility that she spiked our food…

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